I’m about to go on the record as saying this, but the “Baton Rouge” costume is a fantastic costume for Halloween.

It’s the first of the four costumes I’ve created to incorporate the “Head of the Demon” motif, and it’s the best.

I created the costume for the 2017 “Batfaire” in Detroit, and I love the idea that it’s a mix of the two Halloween costumes.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

If you have any questions or comments about the costume, feel free to drop me a line in the comments.

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The “Head Of The Demon” theme is something I created for the “Golden Gloves” in Las Vegas in 2013.

I wanted to create something that I think is fun and fun to wear, but I also wanted to look like I was in a costume.

So, I used the baton as a symbol.

The “Head” of the Bat is just a symbol that I love.

The cape is also an important part of the costume.

I’ve tried to make the cape as functional as possible.

The belt is made of a material that is meant to hold up a baton.

The head is a symbol of strength.

So that’s how I did it.

I think that the Batfaire is the most iconic costume in the history of the world.

It goes way back.

It was a huge event in the early 20th century.

It also came out in 1969, and in the United States, it’s been worn on Halloween every year since.

This year, the Batfest has been held in Atlanta, Georgia, and there are a lot of costumes being created.

I wanted to make this costume for my hometown of Cincinnati.

It would be a fun costume to wear to the annual Halloween costume party in the city.

I really love the costumes that people have come up with.

I love that people make the costumes they want to wear.

It gives a feeling of accomplishment.

It makes people feel like they’ve accomplished something.

I want to thank my partner, Michelle, for her amazing work and her passion for creating these costumes.

This has been a great year for the community, and for the costume industry, which has grown so much.

I can’t wait to see more costumes being made.

I know you can see the inspiration behind my costumes on my Instagram page.

I’m really inspired by my hometown, Cincinnati.

If I was to live in any other city, I would be in a lot more costume contests and I would definitely be participating in the costume contest.

This is the reason why I wanted the costume to have a Batman theme.

There’s a Batman symbol on the cape, and my goal is to make sure that I get a good amount of people involved in the costumes.