There’s no easy way to stop a puck.

You either have the skill, or you don’t.

And, in this NHL postseason, it’s a very simple thing to do: Hit the puck.

And the puck does hit the glass.

The Bruins scored twice in overtime to tie the game and force overtime in Game 5.

And it was the first time in Bruins history that a team had gone into the extra period and scored twice and the overtime was tied before overtime was called. 

The Bruins, who had been outscored 6-1 in the extra session, got a 5-2 win to win the series.

They did so by scoring the first two goals in the first and second periods, and then scoring the game-winning goal with just over four minutes remaining.

Here are some tips for hitting the puck the right way.1. 

Don’t go hard at the puck2. 

Avoid the puck to the side3. 

Make sure you don`t give the puck away4. 

Keep your stick low and neutral5. 

Get the puck high and wide6. 

Stay in your crease7. 

Watch the goaltender to make sure he isn’t trying to move the puck This isn’t a hockey issue.

The NHL doesn’t need to have a debate about whether the Bruins should hit the puck, or not.

They already have enough issues in the playoffs, with the Bruins being outscattered and outplayed by the Pittsburgh Penguins in their first three games.

If the Bruins are able to win a game, they should have a great chance to win Game 6 and potentially advance to the second round. 

So here are some things to remember when it comes to hitting the ball in the air:1.

If you don’ t have a stick on, you can’t hit the ball high, 2.

It’s easier to catch the puck if you use a longer stick, 3.

Keep your eyes downfield when you’re hitting the net.

The goalie is always looking for the puck in the net, and when he sees a player with a stick, he knows he`ll be hit. 


Be aware of the goalie`s positioning, and if he moves to make the pass. 


Keep the puck low and clear if possible.

The more you hit the goal, the better chance the goalie has of catching the puck and scoring the goal. 


Try to stay low and away from the puck as you are hitting the ice.

It is easier to get a shot off when you`re low and not moving.7.

If a goalie tries to hit the goalie, keep your eyes to the goal and keep your stick level.

The puck will still be heading towards the net if you stay low, and the goal keeper will probably be able to see it anyway.8.

Don`t get too high. 

I know, I know.

The goal of this post is to give you some ideas to help you hit your puck the correct way. 

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