— The Delaware Department of Transportation is rolling out traffic camera systems throughout the state to help keep traffic moving on Interstate 85 and to enforce safety rules.

The department is rolling them out this week, starting in Dover, with more to come in the coming weeks.

The department announced the deployment of the cameras last week.

The cameras are being used to enforce the safety rules and the restrictions placed on the travel lanes during traffic jams.

The system is also used to help reduce accidents.

The camera system is set up to monitor vehicle movements, speed and visibility.

The state Department of Motor Vehicles has installed cameras in Delaware, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Delaware is the first state to deploy the cameras.

The move comes at a time when states and local governments across the nation are struggling with the rise of automated and connected vehicles.

A report released this week by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that more than 70 percent of American roads are now connected to some sort of automated vehicle system, and nearly half of all Americans rely on automated systems to navigate their daily lives.

In Delaware, Delaware’s Department of Public Safety is installing the cameras, which will be in place in Dover through the end of the month.

The state has not yet said how many cameras will be installed.