The New York Times has published a new traffic map that highlights the intersections where traffic has increased and decreased for the past week.

The Times’ graphic, which looks at daily data from the DOT, shows the average number of cars and trucks per lane, along with the number of vehicles per lane and median number of miles driven per day.

The data also shows how the number and speed of traffic accidents have been rising over the past few weeks, according to the Times.

The map shows that traffic congestion in the Belt Parkway has increased by about 20 percent over the last two weeks, the Times reports.

However, this time around, the map shows a more dramatic decrease in the number (as measured by the number per lane) and the speed of vehicles (as seen by the average miles driven).

The map also shows that drivers are making less use of the lanes in some spots and making more use of others.

In the past, this trend has caused major headaches for motorists.

On Saturday, for example, the DOT reported that the average speed of New Yorkers on the Belt on Monday was about 14 miles per hour (29 kilometers per hour).

On Tuesday, that number was about 24 miles per over the same period.

On Wednesday, the speed was 26 miles per, and on Thursday, it was 28 miles per.

In both cases, the average was higher than the 30 miles per and 30 miles over the weekend.

On Sunday, there were about 1,300 accidents in New York City that resulted in at least one fatality.

The accidents occurred at the intersection of East 83rd Street and East 89th Street in Manhattan, near the intersection with the Belt.

At the same intersection, there are four other accidents in which one fatals occurred.