New York State Police are not saying if there are any cameras in New York City, but some residents are questioning whether the agency has them.

The New York Times reported that the agency did not respond to questions about whether there are cameras on Prospect Heights and Westchester, where residents in Brooklyn and Staten Islanders have been fighting for years over a lack of cameras.

A spokesman for the agency declined to comment on whether there were cameras on Staten Island.

The city has said it would require cameras if they are installed.

A New York Daily News article earlier this month said the agency had not provided the exact location of cameras, but did not rule out that it could be in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn residents have said that a lack and a lack not to mention the lack of privacy has forced them to take their cameras down.

“They have to have cameras everywhere,” said one man, who declined to give his name.

“And when they put the cameras on, it’s like they’re taking my phone away from me,” he said.

Brooklyn’s Prospect Park neighborhood has been a battleground since the death of Anthony Weiner, who was elected mayor in 2013, and was embroiled in a sexual assault case involving several women, including a former staffer for then-Gov.

Andrew Cuomo.