The warning signs are used in New Jersey and New York to warn drivers to stop for red lights.

In California, they warn drivers that a vehicle may be moving at high speeds.

Some states are installing signs to warn motorists of speed traps, and some are using them to alert people to other hazards like traffic cameras.

The warnings are designed to keep drivers safe, but some say the warnings can be misinterpreted and cause unnecessary harm.

Some drivers don’t take the warning signs seriously, said John Denniston, executive director of the California Motor Vehicle Safety Council.

“I’ve had a lot of people say, ‘Well, if you’re going 60 miles per hour, you’re safe,'” Dennison said.

“That’s not true.

That’s not the intent.”

Traffic cameras The warning signals are a big part of the state’s traffic camera program, Dennickson said.

But they also are not as common as you might think.

Some traffic cameras have no warning signs.

Some have a “Stop and Look” sign, which is only for drivers who are stopped and can see a red light.

A third type of camera has a flashing “Stop” light.

“You can see where the lights are flashing,” Denninson said.

One type of traffic camera in New York City, for example, has a warning sign that only tells drivers to slow down when they see the red light at the intersection.

Some other states, like California, have signage that tells drivers how far away the flashing yellow light is, or even has a video that shows how far the flashing lights are from a driver.

New Jersey traffic camera signs have the word “Stop,” which is a big difference from New York.

New York police are responsible for keeping the sign in place and posting the signs, Dannison said, but New Jersey is trying to help drivers by educating them on the signs.

It has also put out a brochure on the technology.

“This is a tool we need to educate people on,” Dannickson said of the signs on New Jersey’s roadways.

“We’re trying to get them to use the technology.”

Another sign in New Mexico has a small white arrow pointing to the left and the word STOP.

A video posted online shows drivers passing a camera at the stop sign, and when they pass it again, the arrow turns red.

Drivers are required to stop and wait for a red signal, but Dennis says some drivers just take the red warning sign seriously.

“It can be a big mistake,” Denna said.

Sometimes, motorists who see the camera at a stop sign can mistake the flashing red light as a traffic signal, and they then speed off, Denna added.

Some New Jersey drivers think the signs can be confusing.

“When I first saw them, I thought, ‘Oh, they’re not flashing lights, they are red lights,'” Denna recalled.

“And I thought they were going to be like traffic lights, but they weren’t.

They were red lights.”

Denningsons comments on New York’s traffic cameras weren’t exactly positive.

“They’re confusing to a lot and they’re confusing for the drivers,” Derningson said.

New Yorkers are also more likely to ignore the warnings, he added.

“If a person drives through a red or yellow light and they don’t stop and look and see the warning, they’ll continue on,” he said.