It was only three years ago that Bostonians learned the city’s traffic problem was even worse than their city had been led to believe.

The city had ranked among the worst in the nation for traffic congestion.

Now, more than a year after that first news release, the numbers are worse than ever.

Here are the 10 biggest issues plaguing the Boston area:1.

Boston’s population has dropped by 20% since 20152.

Nearly half of Boston’s residents live in poverty3.

The Boston police union has called for an independent investigation into how Boston police handle traffic stops.

The department has also acknowledged that its officers are routinely pulled over and charged with misdemeanors and traffic violations.4.

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis has acknowledged the city faces serious traffic issues and a backlog of more than 3,000 traffic violations every day.

Davis has vowed to fix the problem.5.

The City of Boston has been accused of “covering up” its traffic problems and lying about them.

The latest allegation involves a video of a police officer telling a driver who was allegedly speeding in the city that they were going 90 mph in a 60 mph zone.

In the video, a police car can be seen pulling alongside the driver and giving the driver a ticket.

The police department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.6.

The city has become the poster child for traffic in Boston.

In January, the Boston Globe published a series of stories exposing the city as a hub for traffic jams and gridlock.

The newspaper noted that the Boston Police Department has been “slowing down” and the Boston Transit Authority has had to cut back on services because of traffic jams.7.

The number of traffic fatalities in the Boston metro area jumped by 24% between January and March.

The surge in fatalities is the highest rate in the state.8.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has signed a bill that allows for the state to fund more public transit, including mass transit, buses and bicycles.

Baker said that funding will make it easier for Boston residents to get to work and to get around town.9.

More than 1.1 million cars have been towed from the streets of Boston, the city has reported.10.

There are no more public transportation options in Boston, a city that is the nation’s third-busiest, behind New York and San Francisco.