Tampa, Florida is the top destination for traffic fines in the United States. 

Its traffic tickets are the fourth highest in the country, according to data from the US Department of Transportation.

The state’s average fine for driving while intoxicated is $150, and those for reckless driving, while at least $100,000 in fines are also common.

The most common type of traffic ticket in Tampa is a traffic ticket for speeding, which can be anywhere from $100 to $250.

The most common speeding charge is $25.

Traffic tickets are issued by the Florida Highway Patrol, which is responsible for issuing the citations. 

“The fines are a way for the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to enforce the law,” said spokeswoman Natalie Breen.

“The Department has received hundreds of reports of speeders, including several people who have been killed.

They are trying to do their job as best they can, but they are always looking for more ways to do so,” she added.”

We have a program in place that we have to do on our own time and we have a couple of officers on duty 24/7, so we can enforce the speeders law.” 

For example, the agency can issue a ticket if a vehicle has more than four passengers, and a vehicle that is going 100 miles per hour. 

In Tampa, the average fine is $100 for speeding.

In New York, the most common tickets are $200, with fines for careless driving, failing to wear a seatbelt, driving with a suspended license, and driving while license suspended.

The Bronx has the most tickets, with more than 60,000 issued per year, according the NY Daily News. 

The Bronx is home to a large population of Latinos, many of whom commute from New York City. 

However, the majority of those tickets are for speeding violations, the NY Times reports.