By: Chris PizzelloFollow @ChrisPizzelloDMVDOT article In a city where most cars are parked in garages, some drivers are finding their way around the streets with an app.

Downtown Dallas has a unique traffic app that lets users navigate around the city with ease.DART Traffic Center offers free and premium traffic services.

A mobile app is included, and drivers can get directions and even turn on the traffic lights.

DART is also using the traffic app to track traffic.

The DART Traffic app is one of many apps that offer services that are free to users.

Some of the free traffic apps are Google Maps, Yelp, Lyft, Uber, and others.

Some DART traffic apps offer other services that aren’t free, including Uber and the Dallas Police Department’s traffic camera app.

Other apps provide traffic services for the DART bus network.

One free DART app allows users to navigate around downtown Dallas, including the city’s bus system, the University of Texas at Dallas campus, the DFW Convention Center, the Convention Center Mall, and the Convention Plaza.

Another app, which uses GPS and alerts drivers when they approach an intersection, lets drivers track traffic around the downtown area.

The app also lets drivers know how far they are from an intersection and what speed they need to drive to get to that intersection.

Dart also offers an iPhone app that allows drivers to receive messages when they get to an intersection.

Drivers can also turn on a signal light at the intersection to alert drivers of the approaching traffic.

The app also uses the phone’s GPS to tell drivers when it is safe to turn on traffic lights, and when it isn’t.DOT Traffic Center and the DFPB have not responded to requests for comment about the free and paid traffic apps.DFW has been using Google Maps for years to help drivers navigate around DFW.

The free DFPV app also helps drivers navigate through downtown.

DFPD is also testing the DAPL project, which will connect a pipeline of natural gas to a distribution system that can pump oil into the Gulf of Mexico.