azure code enforcement team has a team dedicated to cracking down on traffic cones and other traffic control devices in the US and the UK.

The code enforcement squad has been tasked with enforcing traffic cones on major cities in the United States and Britain.

Uber has also asked the UK’s National Police Agency to investigate the safety of its autonomous vehicle driver training programs, Uber’s chief executive officer, Travis Kalanick, said.

Last week, the London Transport Police announced they were investigating whether Uber’s self-driving cars were not properly supervised, despite a claim by Uber that they were in fact supervised.

The Uber driver training program, which Kalanicks said had been “brought to life” by its autonomous car partners, uses an autonomous vehicle to teach its drivers how to drive safely.

Uber says it has more than 4,000 drivers in the UK and in the U.S. alone, with about 4,700 in the country.

After the UK government announced it was stepping in, Kalanickers told Reuters that the company was going to “take the next step” in its self-drive technology.

“The company will take on all its responsibilities for its autonomous vehicles and their safety, he said.”

We will be able to be safer and more secure.

“Earlier this month, Uber CEO Travis Kalanaides Uber’s autonomous vehicle fleet is expected to hit 200 by the end of 2019, up from the current 200 cars in the fleet.

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