By the time you hit the red light, your phone is probably already in the air, and you’re on the road.

The traffic that comes and goes in our cities can be overwhelming, and that can make driving to and from work a challenge.

If traffic is on your mind, here are five things to consider to avoid a traffic jam in the meantime.


Traffic laws don’t always apply to you.

Some drivers are exempt from traffic laws, while others are required to drive under the law.

You should always ask the local authorities for clarification on your circumstances.


When you can see traffic lights, don’t just follow the lights.

If you’re looking for traffic lights on your own, it may be best to check your GPS.

Some traffic laws also require you to stop when you see a red light.

The same is true for the lights on the side of a road that has a yellow arrow, which is a traffic light.


If your car has an automatic transmission, make sure you use the correct gear when you’re behind the wheel.

Most cars use two-speed transmissions, which are not compatible with automatic transmissions.

It’s a good idea to check the speed of the car ahead before you stop to ask if you should speed up or slow down.


If there’s a police officer in your car, tell him or her the right way to talk to you and what to do.

If he or she doesn’t know the rules, you should also tell them the correct way to communicate.


If a police car slows down to try to give you a ticket, you can turn around and ask the officer to let you go.

If the officer doesn’t give you the right explanation, you have the right to ask for a court appearance.