A traffic camera in Manchester, England, is now being tested in the UK.

The cameras were developed by a company called AO Technologies, which says it has “developed a complete traffic camera system for UK police.”

The cameras will allow for the police to collect information from a range of vehicles, including those travelling through the city’s busy arterial roads.

The systems are being installed in the Manchester Police Department’s Traffic Services and Traffic Management Unit and the Department of Transport’s Traffic Intelligence Unit.

The system was designed to detect speed traps, and will be installed at junctions where traffic is heavier.

Traffic cameras in the US and other countries are being tested for more serious crimes like assault, carjacking and murder.

While the camera system is being installed at the Manchester police, it’s being tested with other police departments in England.

The Manchester Metropolitan Police has been testing the cameras for more than a year, but has yet to see a positive impact on crime.

“The cameras are being deployed to address a range and range of issues, including the risk of traffic collision, vehicle-to-vehicle collisions, pedestrian safety, and more,” a police spokesman told The Independent.

However, the cameras may also be used to prevent serious crimes, as police are investigating claims of police brutality.

In the US, a new system that has been in use since 2015 has already been used by police departments across the country.

It uses sensors and cameras to record crime.

It’s called the Tactical Camera System.