Dwayne Johnson is back on the scene.

And he’s not just reprising his iconic role of the Speed Force character, which was first seen in the 2012 film Speed Force.

Johnson’s new costume is part of the latest installment of the “Speed Force” franchise.

It was designed by the iconic fashion house H&M and features a pair of cone-like hats made of polyester material and embroidered with gold and silver piping.

The hats, which are meant to look like speed cones, feature a red-and-white logo that’s designed to look similar to the speed cone of the movie.

A third Speed Force costume was seen at the Super Bowl in February, and the latest one, designed by artist Marc Davis, is even bigger.

But it’s not the first time Johnson has re-imagined himself as the Speed Demon.

He first made the iconic costume in 2008’s Fast and Furious 6, which has been in production for more than two decades.

In the film, Johnson’s character was a motorcycle-riding gangster, but he was later given a modern twist when he wore a wig and had his hair styled in the style of an “ambassador” for the speed world.

His latest Speed Force outfit has been a huge hit, with many fans claiming that the costume was their favourite.

Image copyright Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson/Instagram Image caption Johnson’s Speed Force headgear has become a smash hit at sporting events, with fans claiming it is the perfect costume for the actor’s portrayal of the character in Fast & Furious 6