Denver police have been testing traffic cameras around the city since October.

The cameras have been generating lots of positive results, but one area they are currently working on is how to measure how well they are working.

According to an article published by The Denver Post, police are using cameras to evaluate the effectiveness of traffic enforcement.

A report released last week by the Denver Police Department said the cameras were doing a great job of detecting the number of crashes and the number and severity of injuries.

However, the department said that the cameras are also not working as well as they could.

According the report, the cameras’ effectiveness at preventing collisions was “not statistically significant.”

The cameras also had a negative impact on the number, type, and severity and the time of collisions.

In a separate report, The Denver City Council released a report that said that a new traffic camera system in the city’s eastside was not working properly.

The report said that since the new cameras were installed, “the number of collisions and injuries have decreased, and the City has experienced a decrease in crashes in the east side.”

The report also said that after the new system was installed, the number one reason for collisions decreased from 7,967 to 5,823.

The council added that the number two reason for injuries dropped from 4,914 to 3,739.

However the council also noted that “the City’s data indicate that the rate of fatal collisions increased from 0.7 per 100,000 to 2.1 per 100 on the eastside.”

The council also said the new camera system has reduced the number who were arrested and the arrest rate has decreased.

“We cannot continue to rely on a one-size-fits-all approach,” the council said.

The new system is being installed along with new cameras in the westside and the north side of the city.

The city also said in a press release that the new systems have “been effective and the safety of our citizens is increased.”

The new cameras have already been installed in the East Village, in the West Village, and along the Front Range.

The City is also installing cameras in several neighborhoods in the Denver area.

In August, Denver police announced that they would install more than 100 cameras in each of Denver’s 16 neighborhoods.

According a report from The Denver News, there are currently approximately 100 traffic cameras throughout the city of Denver.

According, the city is planning to install about 60 new cameras over the next six years.

The current city cameras have only been installed for the past two years.

According in the report released by the city, the new traffic cameras are expected to be installed in a few weeks time.

The program is expected to cost the city approximately $30 million.

However in the press release, the City said that there are still “significant challenges” to the project.

The mayor said that while the cameras have made an impact, the system is still in its early stages.

The department said it is still working on the details of how the system will work and that the city will need to consult with other city agencies before the system can begin operating.

The press release said that it is important that the City consult with experts to ensure the project is “consistent with our mission and values.”