The streets of New York City are filled with traffic shoes.

They are ubiquitous and often sold out, but there are a few ways to avoid them.

Here are a handful of tips for getting through NYC without wearing a pair of shoes.


Walk and bike 2.

Pay attention to where you are going, and pay attention to how much time you have 3.

Check for signs of crime, and make sure you are aware of where the police are parked 5.

Watch out for stolen goods.

If you see a sign of a thief, call the police immediately.


Stay alert and aware 7.

If something seems wrong, or you are stuck, don’t give up!

Get help from an expert or call 311!

10 tips for surviving NYC traffic While you may not have seen a traffic shoe, there are several ways to navigate NYC traffic safely without wearing one.1.

Walk through the streets2.

Pay close attention to traffic signals3.

Be mindful of the speed limit and wear your seatbelt when crossing intersections4.

Be careful of cyclists and pedestrians in traffic5.

Check in with a trusted friend or relative in case of a crisis6.

Check your phone to ensure that it is safe to text and/or call you while driving7.

Stay hydrated and be ready to take breaks8.

Don’t give yourself any time to recover from a panic attack9.

Be alert and vigilant10.

Consider yourself an expert if you can1.

Get out of your car and walk to a place where you can walk and bike2.

Keep an eye out for signs that traffic is moving3.

Pay closer attention to other traffic lights, especially if it is coming from a major road or a major intersection4.

Pay more attention to pedestrians in your area5.

Watch for signs warning people of hazardous conditions6.

Be aware of your surroundings7.

Consider whether you are in a crowded area, especially near the subway station or in a fast-moving subway station8.

Know the conditions and use them to your advantage9.

Stay informed about traffic and accidents10.

Take advantage of traffic-free days