Posted October 11, 2018 09:53:10Fort Worth Police Chief David Brown said that Fort Worth will likely be subject to some form of police surveillance if he doesn’t act fast.

Brown told The American Conservatives that the department is already facing a new threat that will make it more difficult to deal with.

“It’s not just our own citizens who are going to be in danger,” Brown said.

“The threat is going to come from the people that live within our jurisdiction.

I know Fort Worth is very diverse.

We’re not one of those cities where the entire city is one neighborhood.

I can’t imagine if you go into one neighborhood and you see the same thing, you’d think it was a police problem.

You’d think that’s just going to happen.

The threat is not limited to the Fort Worth Police Department, but across the state.”

Brown added that he wants to act quickly to deal in the wake of the recent shooting death of 19-year-old Laquan McDonald.

Brown said he expects Fort Worth to have “an increased level of concern” about the threat in the coming weeks.

Fort Worth Mayor Beth Van Duyne said that she believes the threat will be addressed quickly, adding that she’s also not concerned about the police department’s safety.

“We have our police officers that are trained and they’re equipped to handle any threat,” Van Duhne said.