A union leader says that when workers are in the streets on strike at a major construction company, they can end up with injuries, death and broken bones.

But the union leader and ABC7 News spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the issue.ABC7 Investigates has obtained video of workers who were working in a construction zone at a Texas company on May 6, a day after they walked off the job.

They were trying to block construction of a gas line that is expected to take about 500,000 gallons of gas per day into the city.

The workers are wearing masks, gloves and face masks.

The video was filmed on the company’s main site in the city of Amarillo.

Workers who were not on strike have been seen filming the workers and taking photos.

Workers are on a strike at Texas-based construction company on April 20.

They’re protesting a plan to pump gas into the ground.ABC News was told that workers are not wearing protective gear when working on construction sites.

Workers have been told to wear gloves, face masks and face coverings, and to protect their eyes, mouth and nose from gas, which can irritate them.ABC 7 Investigates talked to a local construction worker who was working on the site.

He said that if workers were on strike they would be hurt.ABC news reporter Amy DeFazio was on the scene on the same day as the video and saw workers using masks and gloves, but she did not see them working on site.

She said that there was no one there, and they had to wear masks.

She was also told by a local union leader that workers who have a safety concern about working in the area have to go to the office for help.

ABC7 has reached out to the company for comment.ABC NEWS’ Anna Tostey contributed to this report.