HARRISBURG, Texas (Reuters) – A Texas traffic camera operator is suing Google, saying the search engine’s software has been misused in cities where it has been installed.

In a federal lawsuit filed in federal court on Monday, the traffic camera company says Google has improperly used its camera software to track traffic cameras that are set up to catch drivers who are traveling at high speeds.

Google said in a statement it has implemented “corrective actions” and will comply with court orders.

Google is also working with the city of Houston to resolve the issue, the company said.

It is unclear whether any of the cities affected by the lawsuit have had similar traffic camera deployments.

The suit was filed by the Texas Traffic Camera Association, which represents several of the state’s traffic cameras.

The group says the issue has been plaguing the state for some time and has not had a clear-cut cause.

The issue has caused delays in traffic flow in Houston, which has had the most traffic cameras installed in the country, the suit said.

“Google’s use of its own traffic camera software has led to a massive number of innocent drivers being wrongly targeted,” said attorney Daniel O’Brien.

“For years, Houstonians have waited for this day to finally arrive and have no hope for a quick resolution.”

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Google did in the past have a policy requiring that its traffic camera system be installed in locations where the camera system was approved by the city.

But that policy was removed after a judge ruled that the software did not comply with city code.

The Houston lawsuit argues that since January 2017, Google has been violating that policy, and the software has also been used in other cities.

The software has allowed Google to track more than 1.3 million cameras in more than 150 locations across Texas, the lawsuit said.

Google, which also operates Google Earth, has been working with Houston to fix the issue.

In response, Google said in its statement on Monday:Google’s software is compatible with all traffic cameras in Houston.

If a traffic camera does not comply, the city’s camera system will not be able to work properly and will not allow drivers to safely access the roadways.