Colorado’s new movie theater will be in Fort Worth for three years, but it’s not exactly the best traffic-starved city in the country.

Fort Worth is in the middle of a major economic downturn, and the area is one of the few big cities where people don’t live on the outskirts anymore, says Paul Houser, an associate professor of economics at the University of Texas-Austin.

That means that the number of people living in Fort Wayne, for example, and Fort Worth have almost completely swapped places.

But in Fort Bend County, which is near Fort Worth, the number has stayed relatively steady.

Houser says Fort Worth has more than doubled in population since 2010, and has about 25,000 more people.

That means the county is more or less evenly divided between the two.

In Fort Worth County, Fort Worth residents are living more on the edge than residents in Fort Benton County, and that’s probably a good thing, Housar says.

But it means Fort Worth is one city that has seen an explosion in traffic, especially as its population has been growing faster than the rest of the country, Hosker says.