The police have a tough job in capturing criminals and there are many cases in which the cameras are not enough.

In some cases, the police have been forced to take a stand on their own.

When it comes to the camera issue, the Israeli police are very much on the side of the criminals.

For the first time, they have a clear mandate to arrest the criminals, even if the victims are minor.

When the cameras in the city were put in place, there was an outcry from citizens.

Some of the most vocal were the parents of the victims.

The cameras in question were set up in residential neighborhoods to catch people who were walking around without paying.

They were used to catch shoplifters, burglars, thieves, and shoplifter who would break into their houses and steal items from their homes.

However, the cameras caught the criminals not only by their faces but also by their hands.

A few of them were convicted for shoplifting and some of them even received the maximum sentence for stealing from the shop.

In one case, a shoplifter who was caught on camera was convicted for stealing hundreds of dollars.

In another case, an elderly woman who was seen on the camera was given a suspended sentence.

The parents of these victims, however, are not so happy.

The parents of one of the parents in this case, who was a thief himself, said he was scared when he was caught.

He said he wanted to flee to the West Bank but was scared to leave his daughter in his care.

The police say they want to deter shoplifting, but not by targeting the children.

The problem is that the cameras will only help the criminals get away from the cameras, not the families of the children, who would still have to endure the cameras.

This is not the first case where the parents are concerned.

In 2014, the parents and other parents of a child who was killed in the crash of a bus that crashed near the West Bnei Negev settlement in October 2014, sent a letter to the head of the police department, demanding that they be given a copy of the camera footage.

The head of police department did not respond.

In 2015, the head’s office refused to grant the parents’ request.

The families are appealing the decision.

A video showing the aftermath of the crash in the settlement of Beit El on the night of October 28, 2014.

The video shows the moment the bus crashed and the explosion of a fireball that caused the deaths of five people.

The Israeli police have not responded to a request from The Jerusalem Report for comment.