From the time he began writing The Night Of, comedian and actor Seth MacFarlane has been a fan of writing.

But, while it was his debut feature, the script he eventually produced for Netflix had a different approach.

“I had the idea that a comedian should be funny, so it was a joke about my own life,” MacFarlans friend and collaborator David Goyer told Buzzfeed News.

“I had this idea of a comedic film.

It was a bit of a eye opener.”

Goyer’s comedy, The Night, was originally pitched to Netflix as a “fantasy” comedy but was subsequently turned into a series of short films that were never seen on the streaming service.

The Night Of has been praised by critics and audiences alike for its unique style of comedy, but some fans of MacFars comedy say they have a problem with the show’s final scene.

“[The ending] was so bad it was funny,” Mac Fars friend and fellow comedian Ryan Murphy told BuzzFeed News.

Mac Fars character’s name is Mike, and he’s an idiot who loves to sing and act.

The show’s title character is named Sam, but in the script, the character is Mike.

Goyoyer and Murphy say they would not have liked to see MacFarys comedy on Netflix, but they were glad that they were able to make it.

“If they were going to go for a joke, why not go for it in a funny way?”

Mac Fares friend and director Scott Alexander said.

“They made a great show and they’re still making great shows, so we were excited to see it on the platform.”

The show is now available for streaming on Netflix.