Milwaukee police will soon have more cameras installed in Milwaukee than ever before, and the state’s traffic cameras are among the largest in the nation.

The Milwaukee Police Department, which operates the cameras, has installed more than 7,000 traffic cameras since 2014, and has added another 1,500 since then.

The city is now the nation’s second-largest city in terms of traffic cameras installed, behind only Philadelphia.

The city of Milwaukee has more than 1.1 million cameras in place, with 1,903 of those cameras in use as of July.

The Milwaukee police department has more cameras than the city of Atlanta, which has 2,622.

As of July 2017, Milwaukee had more than 2.1 billion miles of video surveillance coverage, with nearly 1.5 billion miles covering the city, according to data from the Wisconsin State Journal.

The Wisconsin State Assembly has passed legislation requiring the state to collect data on the amount of cameras in its city and county, as well as the type of video footage captured.

The police department estimates that the city has more video coverage than the state of Georgia.