Odot traffic camera operators are already working to stop riots in Odota.

The Odot Police Department announced Monday that it has installed 3,000 camera units throughout the city.

The Odot police says the cameras are designed to record “anytime, anywhere, anywhere,” including inside homes, churches, businesses, and even parking lots.

Police will be able to view and document “everywhere the rioters are congregating,” the Odot Daily News reports.

The cameras will be installed “within a couple of weeks,” the police said.

Odot is one of the cities most heavily affected by the riots.

At least 10 people have been killed in the unrest, which started Monday morning.

Local residents have been asking for help from the city to get rid of the rioting, which they believe is fueled by drugs and alcohol.

The rioters were looting businesses and smashing windows.

Police say they have taken a number of people into custody.

The police have also taken the unusual step of deploying mobile cameras in Odoto.

They are rolling out the cameras in a controlled manner, meaning the cameras only record when they are moving.