New Orleans has a reputation for being a city where drivers do what they’re told.

So, when the city’s traffic engineers decided to install a new traffic signal system on a city street that is a popular place to hang out and relax, many drivers assumed the system would lead to less congestion and less accidents.

However, they didn’t expect to find a traffic jam.

In fact, some people said the traffic signals were so good they drove away.

The traffic signals have a new set of rules, which the city says will allow it to make safer streets, like those on the East Bank.

But drivers still complained about the speed limits, which some say are too high, the lights that don’t go out, and other safety concerns.

The New Orleans City Council on Monday approved $500,000 to install traffic signals along the West Bank.

The city hopes the new signals will help ease traffic congestion on West Bank streets, which have been plagued by frequent traffic jams.

The city of New Orleans also has plans to install two new traffic signals at the site of the old one that were designed to improve safety.

The first is on a stretch of West Bank Highway that runs through the downtown area.

The second signal is on West Street between East Bank Highway and St. Claude Street.

The new traffic signs are expected to be installed in the next few weeks, but some drivers are still complaining.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that drivers said they were being left behind, and the traffic lights were “not working well.”

One driver told the paper that traffic lights are not working well, and they’re causing delays.

One woman said she has to slow down to avoid a police officer, and said the new signs make it difficult to get out of her way.

“They should make sure the lights work well and they should work in conjunction with the other signals,” she said.