Article Marketing/Blogging

Article marketing has proven to be one of the most effective means at driving targeted traffic. The reason for this is that articles are picked up by search engines to answer questions people have on a specific topics. That being said there have been changes to the way article marketing works because of updates by search engines. I still do some article marketing but nothing compared to what I once did. Instead I use my articles on my own blog when it relates to the niche. This way my site gets the traffic and not some article direction(which have currently been bashed by search engines). That brings me to writing articles for your blog or via guest posting on others blogs. It's a powerful way to drive traffic and increase your own exposure. There are a few tactics to use when setting up your blog that will increase the size of your list. Through my blog alone I push over 25 sign ups a day! Just by providing valuable content to my readers that search engines have come to love.

I recommend buying your own domain name via your name, company name or a keyword related to the niche you will be blogging about. There are other blogging platforms out there however you are limited to what you can add, how you get indexed on search engines and plugins you can use. Having your own domain gives you free flexibility to do just about anything you want.

I use which is easy to install and most people are already familiar with it. Below is a list of the plugins I use for my blog.

Plugin List

Popup Domination - Don't let the name fool you it's not some popup you might think of in terms of spam. Instead it opens in the same frame and grays out the rest of your page. This single plugin has giving me thousands of new subscribers from my blog over the years and continues to provide amazing results.

Akismet - The $5 a month tool that will save you hours from deleting junk spam comments.

CommentLuv - Show a little love to your commenter on your blog, this plugin will encourage others to comment for a backlink to their most recent blog post.

Really simple Facebook Twitter share buttons - This is the one I use for now but just type in social share buttons into plugins for wordpress and you will find one that fits your liking.

Wordpress SEO - Does everything you need to optimize your site for SEO