Co-ops are a great way to benefit off of a massive pool of advertising. When it costs to much money of your own to buy an ad outright co-ops step in and allow you to gain exposure on these networks by pooling everyone’s money. There are no guarantees however just about every co-op I have been in so far has paid off. I run a traffic exchange/ list builder co-op for traffic and a separate banner co-op 468x60 over at Lead Crusader. However on this page you will also see co-ops I will be starting for various topics such as solo ads, new launches, media buys and more. Once these spots are sold they are sold out for good. If you want to keep up to date with any new co-op spots that open up join the mailing list below.

Lead Crusader No Totals All Money Is Used In Various Advertising Sources

Lead Crusader is a co-op which I run on traffic exchanges and viral list builders. Slots are split up into two sections of traffic and banner. You can buy each out monthly and that pool of money is then used to promote your squeeze pages on top traffic exchanges and top list builders to maximize your results.

The banner co-op is used for 468x60 banners and will rotate on a number of traffic exchanges and viral list builders. All of these come with full tracking so you can see where your impressions and traffic are coming from via the back end.



List Siphon Co-Op Total Of 50 Openings Per Month

You might already know it as one of the most powerful lead sucking websites out there for AWeber. Each month we pool together money for Solo ads and media buys for List Siphon. Each slot costs $50 which will include your link in rotation for list siphon for that month. To take part in this co-op you will need to have a List Siphon account and have a list attached to it.

Once this step is complected click the order button below to buy your co-op slot for $50 Then just send in a support ticket with your Paypal Transaction id and your List Siphon ID number which is found at the end of your affiliate url. Contact Support here

You will then be included in that months co-op which will promote your referral link along with others in the co-op to solo ads and media buys. This will increase your direct referrals and build your level one. When your level one then promotes, or buys co-op slots themselves they will be promoting your list as well. It's your fast track to successful list building if you ask me. Lock in your co op below, if you wish to continue your co-op next month you will need to return to this page and place your order again and contact us. You may also buy more then one co-op spot if you wish.

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