ListSiphon is a unique custom build viral list builder. The main goal with this site is to build your list virally by promoting the main ListSiphon page. We have hundreds of affiliates already promoting and we buy over $1,000 worth of solo ads each month to continue it's growth. The system is easy to set up but genius in how it works.

By joining from the front page at with your name email and your chosen password you will begin the activation phase of your account. After you confirm your email address you will be taken to a page which you will be required to join 6 others lists. These you can opt out of any time you wish but they provide quality information along with great deals from time to time. After you join these lists you will be presented with 2 OTO offers. These offers are set up to save you a boatload of money compared to what you'll have to pay on the inside (however still worth the value) By upgrading your account you will be benefiting from everyone’s promotion efforts in the system as the last few spots are filled with only those who have upgraded.

You can also build your list even faster by promoting your ListSiphon affiliate link. What this will do is anyone who joins from your link will join your list first and then 5 others. Once this person joins and starts promoting their affiliate link you will be placed second on the list all the way down 5 levels. This is a great way to build your list virally by just referring a few members into the system you can build a large list quickly.