On Site Promotion

You might not know it but you could be leaving a boatload of cash on the table by not optimizing your ads within your pages. Below are a few examples I use to increase my sales and overall income via my sales funnels and websites.

#1 Adding your own thank you page with bonus

Most auto responders have a default thank you page that a person sees after they optin to your mailing list. This is a huge waste if your not using your own custom thank you page. You should still tell the person to check their email and confirm but here you can either try to upsell the person on your product or service or add a special bonus etc. A true thank you for joining your mailing list. I have found these convert very well.

#2 Pop up domination

This single plugin has brought me in thousands of new optins to my mailing list over the years from my blog. You can vew it here at Sean Supplee's Affiliate Marketing Blog. Here you will see an overlay that turns the blog into a gray background and places the optin offer front and center. It works great because of the floods of search engine traffic I get from my articles.

#3 Bonus offers in your members area

They are already signed up and already taking action on your product or service. Now you can offer them an extra bonus or discount on a different product or service that is related to yours. (Warning: Don't promote your competition here instead promote something that complements your product or service.)

#4 Your Footer

That area that you think no one looks at actually gets a decent amount of attention. By adding links to your other products in your footer you can expect to pick up a few extra sales or sign ups to.

#5 Your Email Footer

Yeah this place is GOLD! Your already emailing members about something so why not throw in a little P.S with a related product or service they might just take you up on it. Also I have found my unsubscribe rate to be lower of emails that do this. Why? My best guess is because they might be scrolling to the bottom of the email looking for the unsubscribe link but instead your quick P.S offer grabs their attention and instead gets them to visit your site and remain on your list.