Paid To Click

To be honest with you when I first started online and making a few bucks it happened via PTC(Paid To Click) These programs work as a gate way to building some rather reliable affiliates and people brand new to making money online. To me it has been worth my promotion efforts on some as the long term benefits of some of these members has been amazing. A PTC is a free to join program that pays you a little money for visiting someones website for a certain amount of time. As a general rule for promoting on these types of programs I always buy a big enough package where I can target my ads to just USA, Europe, Canada and Australia users. Below is a list of PTC programs I use to advertise on and also the method in which I do the advertising on each.

ClixSense - This has to be one of the largest PTC's out there. My tactics with this is both a combination or running a link on the ClixGrid $17 monthly not bad for the amount of exposure you get from it and Mini ads which allow you to filter via Demographics.

NeoBux - Possibly the 2nd largest quality PTC I know of. Again you want to be able to target your ads so Standard exposure ads would be required. This one sends me a ton of traffic fast, plus gives you bonus adprize credits for even more exposure of your site.

WordLinx - Might be a bit smaller but conversion rates from this one are impressive. Like the above targeting your ads to countries here is very important so Mini ads would be the way to go.