Social media now plays an important role in any business. It's used to expand your branding of your company and offers unique ways to interact with your customers. Offering just small incentives and rewards or even just a thank you to your customers can go a long way via social media. However just like any advertising source there is a right way to do it and a wrong way. What I have notice about doing business on Facebook is that people really get turned off when you try to promote a biz opp to them, and well it just makes sense. Facebook is used for personal use, to interactive with family and friends not to be slammed with ads about biz opps. This is why I created my very own social network called it's a free to join social network that's geared towards internet marketing and small business.

There are other social networks out there as well which are more geared to doing business online and here are a few of them... - My own social network that's geared towards small business and internet marketing. I continue to build on to it every day so join up for free and throw me in some suggestions thanks!

Apsense - Has a few interesting unique features along with ways to promote your products and services on them via talents and revpages. Also offers a decent solo ad you can buy to send to all members. Upgrade options allow you to promote more and create more along with higher commissions for those you refer to the site.

Sokule - An interesting take on micro blogging like tweeter. Has a lot of unique features and places to place ads and make money off the system. Plus nearly all of the people who make up this network are intrested in biz opps.

List Of Top Social Networks Results are from May 2013
1. Facebook - 750Million Users
2. Twitter - 250 Million Users
3. LinkedIn - 110 Million Users
4. Pinterest - 85.5 Million Users
5. Myspace - 70.5 Million Users
6. Google Plus + - 65 Million Users
7. DeviantArt - 25.5 Million Users
8. LiveJournal - 20.5 Million Users
9. Tagged - 19.5 Million Users
10. Orkut - 17.5 Million Users
11. CafeMom - 12.5 Million Users
12. Ning - 12 Million Users
13. Meetup - 7.5 Million Users
14. MyLife - 5.4 Million Users
15. Multiply - 4 Million Users