Traffic Exchanges

Traffic exchanges have been around for years, there are literately hundreds of them out there and many can end up wasting your time. Below is a list of core exchanges that produce the best results and based off of 10 years of my experience with them. Since traffic exchanges are a free source of advertising it will take some time to build up a stream of quality traffic from them. However I would recommend not spending more then 20 minutes to 1 hour a day on them.

General Rules for promoting on Traffic Exchanges
- Do not have any type of exit pop up or something that hampers someone from leaving your page
- Use a splash page or squeeze page
- For a detailed explanation of traffic exchanges and what best converts on them please check out this blog post What Is A Traffic Exchange?

If your doing everything correctly you should be getting results within your second day of promoting. You should be looking for anywhere between 2-15 new optins per day.

Traffic Exchange Rank Programs
(Ranking are updated weekly)
Traffic Hoopla
TE Hoopla
Affiliate Funnel

Top Traffic Exchanges (Must Joins and Recommended To Upgrade)
Power Surf Central HitSafari Realhitz4u Soaring4Traffic  
TE Command TezakTrafficPower Traffic-Splash DragonSurf FastEasy Traffic

Secondary Traffic Exchange List (Quality and Worth The Extra Time (If you have it))
TrafficG Hit2Hit EasyHits4u Blue-Surf HitLink
WebMasterQuest TrafficSwarm ProClickExchange Traffic Era TS25

Above you will see traffic exchanges broken up into sections. The first section is a list of 3 programs that work as a downline builder along with a good ranking tool so you know what traffic exchanges are performing the best week after week. The second list is my personal recommended traffic exchanges. The ones I make sure I use every day and have my ads in rotation at all times. The top traffic exchanges I recommend upgrading your accounts as you will earn random referrals in most, quality advertising package each month and just overall a good value for your dollar spent on them. The secondary traffic exchange list are others I recommend however should only be used if your looking to invest some more time and money into them. They are great traffic exchanges that have proven grow and be successful over the years.