Viral List Builders

Viral list builders have been around for a number of years now. But it was not till recently that they exploded into a powerful marketing tool to getting free leads for your business. There are a few things you need to know before you join a safelist/viral list builder in order to maximize your results and to remove the headaches they can cause in your inbox.

- Create a separate gmail account you will be using for mailers. You can get set up filters and orginizes the flux of emails you get each day Email program below will send you about 10- 100 emails per day.
- Need help on setting up filters in gmail and maximizing your results from viral list builders? Grab your free copy of my Take Action List Building ebook.
- Try to come up with a unique catchy subject line each time you mail out. If you start to use the same all the time it wont grab other members attention

Below is a list of a few rankers and the top list builders I recommend. These are personal preference and built from results I have revived from them over the last 3 years of using them. There are upgrades available at each and I do recommend upgrading if you can afford it. Doing so will allow you to reach more people and reach them more often. This will increase the number of optins you get for your list. You can remain a free member but you will be investing more time clicking up credits to mail members and you wont be able to reach as many. With that said either road is a good one to take and depends on your preference and what your looking to get out of it. As a free member you should expect 5-15 optins per day when you use about 20-40 of these programs, or upgrade on a few and you should expect anywhere from 10-50 optins per day. Remember to keep your ads fresh and change them up for maximum results.

Safelist/Viral List Builders Rank Programs
(Ranking are updated weekly)
Traffic Hoopla
List Hoopla

Top Safelists/Viral List Builders(Must Joins and Recommended To Upgrade)
FastCashMailer ListAblaze PuffinMailer MaxMailerPro Bweeble
AdChiever ListJoe ListAdventure ListBonus ListJumper

Secondary Safelists/Viral List Builders(Others I Recommended From Personal Tracking)
TheLeadMagnet StateOfTheArtMailer MailOurList SocialViralMailer EliteSafelist
MisterSafelist 100PercentMailer
(upgrade to earn 100% commissions!)
TopTierMailer EuropeanSafelist GlobalSafelist

Remember the ablove lists are from my own experiance I do my best to provide valued content to all of my affiliates to maximize their results and income from promoting my programs. I also highly recommend getting a seprate gmail account you use for these sites as you will get reciving a number of emails from them. Also the top recommended list I consider must joins and must upgrades if your going to be using this marketing tactic. It will allow you to build your own list faster and larger then by remaining free. It's also going to save you a boatload of time and thats one thing no one can ever get more of.